The Team

The Board is responsible for making all final and in principal decisions relating to the operation and management of the company, although they will often seek specialist advice. Kajans believe that effective management is by rigorous and continuous monitoring and assessment of policies and practices allowing for constant awareness of issues as they arise. Risk Management and Issue Management are central to the operation.

The Board operates to a set of principles, which demands a high level of conduct from elected and co-opted members, reflecting the overall ethos of the organisation. Members and co-opted members are expected to work in a way that maintains integrity, confidentiality, respect for others - members, staff, clients and extends respect to other communities, ethnicities, cultures and traditions, promoting accountability and equality of all interest groups.

Kajans has a small core of staff working with contractors to deliver a high quality programme of arts and educational activities. Kajans relies on a strong Board of Trustees and a network of volunteers to deliver the agenda - if you feel you could help or would be an asset please contact us.

  • Board of Trustees
  • Derek Douglas – Chairperson & Director NWDA Birmingham
  • Leona Lewis – Assistant Curriculum Manager
  • Errol Duncan – Capital Project Management
  • Soraya Patrick – Regional Director WEA London
  • Gus Willock – Rights Activist
  • Vaughan Richards – Probation Services Officer
  • The Staff
  • Hermin McIntosh – Executive Director
  • Toju Ofuya – Business Development Manager